By now mSSL has accumulated a sufficient positive experience to define ourselves as an outsourcing company that develops software for customers on a turnkey basis. Such projects occupy increasingly important place in our software business. This is due to the fact that a market for these services constantly grows since this model of cooperation is advantageous both for customer and contractor companies. Outsourcing development provides better quality of software coupled with cost saving by development process. We have a finger on the industry pulse so a good share of our work concerns Internet and E-Commerce projects.

    The principal services provided by mSSL in this area are:
    IT outsourcing and contract programming
    Web-development and E-Commerce solutions
    Software testing and maintenance

Flexible Options
    mSSL is glad to offer you services for producing custom software solutions that will meet your requirements and development time schedule. The services offered by us has the following arrangements for your perusal:

      1. On Project basis:
      It is difficult, from the outset, to estimate how much development experience and people will be required for a given project, so we offer an initial free consultation period. This allows us to provide an estimate of the cost and time. However, the final decision is down to the customer. We can offer an unlimited arrangement where development is charged on an on-going basis.
      Development can be scheduled to suit the customer's requirements. Much of the timing is down to the customer and the response times of the System specifications. It all depends on the scale of the system being developed, the quality of the submitted requirements and the thoroughness required.

      2. On dedicated facility Basis:
      We provide customer with an IT expert to form a development team of their choice to facilitate the software development process. This helps customers in executing the work in their own way. In this case mSSL helps customer to set up the process, manage the development process, provide infrastructure facility and other miscellaneous services. Our charge varies based on number of people being deployed.
      Through mSSL, customers have immediate access to a highly educated, well trained, and reliable workforce of very skilled professionals that deliver world-class development services to international standards. The result is that mSSL clients gain the benefit of quality output, faster cycle times, higher productivity and lower costs.

Benifits of Working With MSSL
    Software development and IT services that suit your requirements the best
    We offer bespoke solutions within client's timeframe and budget
    mSSL development team comprises top-notch software engineers with excellent education and technical background
    Our project managers, development and quality assurance staff work in a team environment to exceed client's expectations
    Our Quality Management system ensures conformity to international industry standards at every development stage
    Modern infrastructure facilities and communication resources that allows you to hold the key of on-going project